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Annoying Internet blocks at school.

hey all. I have 2 really boring and really easy computer classes at school. Like every web-site that isnt school related is blocked, its crazy. Sometimes I use proxy sites, but those only work to a certain extent. I even tried running a Linux Live cd on the computer, and tried going on the net on that, still the web sites were blocked, which means its all on the schools sever. I want to be able to surf the web freely, and play games and stuff.


Is there anyway I could use my computer at home as a sever or something and go to the internet through it?


anyone know how to do this?


I have a 1 gig flash drive, so storing data and stuff shouldnt be a problem.



you can run ssh .. simple as that really, then tunnel everything through you machine at home, the fact is that even this can be overcome with some clever trickery from your admins... but it could get you through..
how would I do that.....

SSH Tunnel with PuTTY from Windows:



Also we have a topic on creating a tunnel:



And another about using Privoxy on the end of that tunnel:



Hope those help with the setup..

thanks alot. I will try it out.

Try secure shell, i have NEVER used it but a friend of mine says USE SECURE SHELL!!!

hope it helps.


SSH is Secure SHell.


I just also got SSH working though a proxy using the SSH Proxy Command -- connect.c utility.


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