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Windows Live Messenger Beta

I got an invite to the Windows Live Messenger Beta (the next version of MSN Messenger).


There is a screenshot here (warning: large size)


I don't have any invites yet, but when I do I'm sure I can help out any of you who want to get in on the beta :).


It is quite cool though, looks quite a lot nicer than MSN Messenger 7.x did. :)


sounds pretty cool... how do u got an invite?

// JohaN^^


Quote:sounds pretty cool... how do u got an invite?// JohaN^^

Well, I have some invites of my own now (only 5 though), so if you PM me... ;)


Somebody blogged about it saying they had invites, so I jumped at the chance. :)


you know how long it will be until they release the beta to the public?

i wanna get ahold of it for my linux :)


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