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Red danger screen for User in kde Suse 9.3 after Yast

I installed 9.3 with minimal x environment. Then I did a kernel upgrade. Then I restarted again and told

the installer to give me a Gnome environment. When I still got TWM, I installed again and asked for a

KDE graphical system. I kept getting /tmp/X0.#!$ is running. So I su to root and rm /tmp/X0.*orWhatever.

Then I startx as root and get the red danger screen in kde. I shutdown -r now.

Then I put startkde in ~/.xinitrc/ and whenever I reboot, I still start with red danger kde.


I go into Yast System>sysconfig Editor>... and change from TWM to KDE. I also make KDE the

DEFAULT_WM and setup to reboot with kde for all and set the default start user as me.

I save and reboot. I am now me just a User in kde Suse 9.3 but still with a red danger kde screen.

When I click on console terminal just right of the Suse emblem at the bottom left it comes up as

me not root.


What might I have done wrong or left out?

How do I check the privledges of me?

Can anyone say or ask me anything to help solve this?




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