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yet more server downtime, and i'm away which makes

sorry for yet more downtime, all i can ascertain is the ip has changed and perhaps the ISP cut off the connection before that happened


from looking at smoothwall traffic logs i can see the connection died totally at approx 4AM in the morning, and was only resurected by a forced hard reboot of the firewall at 8pm or so. This action caused the smoothwall to ask for an ip address and it was handed a new one. What happened at 4AM i don't know, but based on the fact that the server was down the very day before (due to ISP issues) leads me to believe the ISP was in the process of some more spring cleaning which they hoped no one would notice


as I was not around to monitor it I couldn't be sure


it's up again now, and the new DNS entrys are propogated


hopefully that's the last downtime problems for this year


sorry again for any inconvenience





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