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Getting NetworkManager (10.0 eval)

For those of you who have downloaded the eval version of SUSE Linux 10.0, you can still have NetworkManager! After finding it off the OSS version's repositories, I have figured out all the dependency issues, what commands to issue, etc. Just download this archive at [/url][url=] , run the script as root, reboot, and you'll be on your way!


The script is as follows:

rpm -e dhcpcd
rpm -ihv dhcdbd-1.6.5-i586.rpm
rpm -ihv dhcp-3.0.3-2.i586.rpm
rpm -ihv dhcp-client-3.0.3-2.i586.rpm
rpm -ihv NetworkManager-0.4.1cvs20050901-2.i586.rpm
rpm -ihv NetworkManager-glib-0.4.1cvs20050901-2.i586.rpm
rpm -ihv NetworkManager-gnome-0.4.1cvs20050901-2.i586.rpm
gtk-update-icon-cache -f /opt/gnome/share/icons/hicolor


With my current skillset in writing shell scripts, I could only write this much. If you want to improve this script, please reply with your improved script (with comments so that I could learn), and I'll pop it in there ASAP! :) And if it works, I would appreciate some words of encouragement/appreciation!


just edited it to stop the HUGE line length ;)


also you can fiddle the expansion to be a little neater.. quick example:


rpm -ihv {dhcdbd-1.6.5-,dhcp-3.0.3-2.}i586.rpm


see they all end in i586.rpm so you can append those.. also you could use the * for completion if they were the only rpm versions in the directory:


rpm -ihv {dhcdbd-*,dhcp-*}i586.rpm


nice and neat though :)


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