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Vista.. from scratch

From slashdot:


Quote:iliketrash writes "The Wall Street Journal has a long front-page articledescribing how Jim Allchin approached Bill Gates in July, 2004, with the

news that then-Longhorn, now-Vista, was '[0]so complex that its writers

would never be able to make it run properly.' Also, the article says,

'Throughout its history, Microsoft had let thousands of programmers each

produce their own piece of computer code, then stitched it together into

one sprawling program. Now, Mr. Allchin argued, the jig was up. Microsoft

needed to start over.' And start over they did. The article is

astonishing for its frank comments from the principles, including Allchin

and Gates, as well as for its description of Microsoft's cowboy spaghetti

code culture."

Thought this is big so if anyone didn't know. The funny part is that the code was "so complex" :P


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