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all of a sudden after the thunder and lightning were gone




the sound your house makes when all electricity is cut off.


kind of like a nuclear plant shutting down..... anyways, the result of that strike (which lasted a few seconds) meant that


* the firewall went down

* the server went down


because both of them are not UPS protected, that meant i had to spend the next two hours resolving the issue,


actually the first hour was spent finding out why the fuse continued to blow (6 fuses).

in the end i disconnected everything electrical downstairs and shut off the electricty myself. I then re-inserted the fust that went bang and turned on the electricty again, this time all was ok.


after reading the smoothwall logs i could see this and that and this and that, what i couldnt see was that the server was in fact not booted at all because it was 'waiting' at a bios boot screen


Quote:the electricity cut caused it to loose its time/date thereby [prompting]it to ask me to fix it.

which is nice, except it's a headless server so i never saw the message... and wasted another hour trying out various tcp/ip settings.


in the end all is fine, i'm tired though and have decided if i'm gonna run this from home for much longer then those boxes are gonna get ups or converted into something else.





*sorry for the downtime*

oh well .. such is life, cheers for taking a friday out to get it back online
I'd advise you to get a UPS, but it's very commendable that you're managing this server by yourself! Good job!

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