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Want to backup before updating Nvidia drivers

You might remember my previous thread about having had a problem with X after YaST Online Update. :)Well, I want to try updating the drivers again (I want to try some of SuSE's 3D games) and I still can't find Xorg.conf or any Xfree86 config files. I'm not even sure which one I use (I am new to the Linux scene).


Could someone please tell me what I should backup in case X goes wrong again?


Thanks :)


do this as root


cd /etc/X11
cp xorg.conf xorg.mybackup


done !


if your nvidia driver install fails login again as root and do this


cd /etc/X11
cp xorg.mybackup xorg.conf





OK, I tried that but got the following:


cp: cannot stat `xorg.cong': No such file or directory




I presume this means I don't have an xorg.conf file, right? Same problem as the last thread?


its xorg.conf NOT xorg.cong




Quote:its xorg.conf NOT xorg.cong 



lol, looks like I should check my spelling more.


Well, after an IRC conversation I found that I needed to backup XF86Config (there still was no sign of xorg.conf). I updated the drivers again, and ....


X died again. Thankfully, I had imaged the entire Linux drive in Drive Image 7.0 (from Windows :)) the previous morning, and so I restored that backup. I did try trying to restore the XF86Config,backup file I created, but got something like this:


# cd /etc/x11
bash: cd: /etc/x11: No such file or directory


It is most definitely there, as the folder shows up in Konqueror. Yes, I was logged in as root.


EDIT: Sorry, I just realised that the directory is case-sensitive. What a noob I am. :)


Anyway, looks like the driver doesn't work, so no 3D games or screensavers for me. :(


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