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how do i sign up on



cool isnt it !


now sign up Tops :)


see the actual post 'happening' on our live 24/7 IRC channel ( #linux-noob on EFNET )


Quote:Tops FC4 really found all devices in the system, i had no probs installing it.. now its just a matter of learning HOW to use this OSanyweb Tops start by signing up on [/url]

anyweb then read the tips and tricks section, then read the fedora section and if you have a problem post it

anyweb Tops watch this

Tops neat, i will

* Nova21 (^ has joined #linux-noob

* znx has kicked Nova21 from #linux-noob (Wot Not Bot)

anyweb Tops, wait for it

* Broccoly ( has joined #linux-noob

anyweb it's coming

znx hehe

Tops lol

anyweb within one minute of posting

anyweb it'll be here

anyweb i don't know of any forum that does that

linuxnoob - how do i sign up on - [url=<___base_url___>/index.php?showtopic=1789][/url][url=<___base_url___>/index.php?showtopic=1789]

znx hehe

anyweb talk about instant response





It sure is! woot woot.











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