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[/url][url=] is finally finished :) will require you to have a valid username and password, which you can get of me or any other moderator. The reason for this is to

stop anyone posting junk/spam. Tutorials can be checked over by fellow members/moderators for spelling, grammar or punctuation.


To create a PDF formatted document you will need OpenOffice, which has a build in function for exporting your documents to PDF format :) (Note that OpenOffice does not provide protecting against people copying and pasting).


Open OpenOffice and create the document how you normally would. Once you have created your document and your happy with it click File then go down to Export as PDF. The PDF dialog will appear requesting a filename give your document a file name click save then you will get compression levels you can ignore then

and just click export and you will now have a PDF document :)


Note also to make the documents look good, and easy for users to read I would recommend using headings and sub headings. When you use the heading and sub headings you can use open office to easily generate a table of content for you, if you would like information on this just request it and Ill write how to do this with your documents.


any bugs/errors PM and let me know.


Should have said this earlier, nice ty's go out to xDamox for the site design and to anyweb too...


defn posting my finished products up there :)


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