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Linux-noob add on

Quote:I didnt think about doing a wiki style site  :/ but I decided to do a site from scratch using PerlI have the main part of the site working where it will display the content from a MySQL database.


I also got a new logo for the top of the page the graphic was created by a friend Steven Croes

as you can see he is awsome at graphics :)

wiki might work.. but really the tutorials should hopefully be complete and not need tinkering and anyway.. we have the forums! you can develop the tutorials on the forums and polish them for the site


nice logo! :)

Why are you so concerned about if people copy a how to and or tutorials. Linux is about sharing and even helping people so what if your little but gets taken and people use it. I think sure we should have a site for how tos but make it so ppl can copy it. To me linux-noob is to help not fame and glory.

People can use them and learn from the in PDF format?


The reason why I picked PDF format was to stop people copy and pasting or even

taking credit for someone elses tutorial. I know what you mean Randall but people will be

able to learn from reading the PDF.


anyweb I got the site working, just need to create the search page, about page and it should

be done. When would you like the files?


ready when you are

pm me on irc

and i'll setup dns





I just think its stupid to have pdf format. and evern a differnt site all together. Like I said who cares if they copy your stuff and take credit for it? i don't, as long as someone learns from it somehow. I got a real job so I don't need to be bothered to think if someone stole my how to, and if you really care about it that much then your more in to making your self look good then helping in the linux comunity.
And since when did pdf prevent copying anyway? God knows how many *secure* pdfs I've cracked. :P

PDF still allows ditrubution of the document, it only stops people editing it. Also Randall dont

you think credit should be given when credit is due? if you did an excellent pieace of work

and some clamed it as theres and your work place prased him how would you fell?


anyweb just testing the site making sure I have missed no security.


Quote:And since when did pdf prevent copying anyway? God knows how many *secure* pdfs I've cracked.  :P

1 :)






count me in as well. I volunteer to help with tutorials, and proof reading other posters howto's. I can also offer professional hosting on 100mbit server.


In regards to the pdfs to keep people from stealing / claiming work... I like it. It's no different than writing a program/script and adding a licence to it. To say that that one is looking for fame & glory because they want to protect their work is rediculous.


lets do it!


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