Poll: which distro listed here do you prefer?
fedora core
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Best linux distro? at least in your opinion?
Im not running a flavor right now, but in the past when i was trying it out, knoppix 3.1 was the best and to this day I still think it is. :)

this is one of these instant warmonger statements :)


personally i say gentoo, i've used gnu/linux for a while now and the major reason for my love of gentoo is that i get to select the dependencies of my system. this is a huge thing for me, no more dependency hell, no more install 100 packages to get one.


but the great thing for me is that gentoo polishes this, the power of portage (emerge) is impressive and it grows all the time, the community behind gentoo is another thing that makes me enjoy it, bugs get squashed quickly..




i've edited the poll choice from fedora core 4 to just fedora core (which is more fair considering all the others arent version listed !


i vote fedora :)





BAH znx you traitor! Debian all the way :P
I always perfer Gentoo - but can't be arse to install because it take bloody ages for bootscraping lol. so quick installation and simple is Fedora, it what i'm using at the moment.

Well to be perfectly accurate. I prefer Mandriva 2005 LE.


I have used Redhat 7.3 Suse 9.0 and 9.1 pro. And i am now on this distro of Mandriva. About the only reason that i am more into this distro is because it seems as easy working as Suse but i have had best luck with Mandriva in getting things working. I got my WINE working for example. I was very proud of that.



Gentoo. No, really. I mean it. :)

I have to put my vote in for Ubuntu... I've tried OpenSUSE 10B1, FC4, CentOS 4.1, VLOS 1.0 - 1.2 and others.. I just really enjoy Ubuntu and love apt-get :) No more RPM's please :)


Oh and my first distro was RH 5.x a long time ago. But because of my gaming interest I just can't seem to kill windows :) So I've had Linux off and on my machine for quite a while.


To me, a good Linux distro has to have:


1. Guts: Many distros I found are what I call "chicken" -- they shoot the OS in the foot by not including the package for MP3 support or not including controversial items. Some others include the package anyway or make it real easy to find the package. I prefer those who are willing to peacefully disobey the RIAA/MPAA/DMCA to promote our fair use rights.

2. Good hardware support: Duh?

3. User-friendliness: GUI, GUI, GUI for all 'ye config needs!


So Kubuntu (a derivative of Ubuntu) has these things, althogh wireless and my touchpad don't work too well there. I voted "Ubuntu" :)


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