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Ode to happy

Ode to happiness

as I get excited to see you tonight

Thinking of how happy you will make me

as if feels every time like a first date

I get dressed and put on my attire

I get my car washed and waxed to pick you up

I pull up to your place of residence

I walk in and ask for you

they tell me to wait and you will be out soon

as you come out my heart races and can believe the beauty I see

my hands become sweaty and my words start to stumble

As i open the door to my car I help you in the front seat

close the door and getting more excited by your beauty

as we arrive to the party I see your sweating

I can tell that you are as excited as me

I help you out the car picking you

as we enter the front door every one looks at you

all the eyes were on you my beauty

for you are the most beautiful thing at the party

Feeling jealous I take you in the room

running my hands over all over you

I start to run my tongue all over your body

your body making me excited

as I lay you down I take the toy

and slowly enter it inside you

as I start to pump you harder and harder

I can see you sweating more and tell you getting close

then with out words you explode in to my cup filling it up to the brim

as everyone cheers I can tell that you my keg are ready for one long night


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