Poll: do you use linux on your pda
what's a pda ?
other (please comment)
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do you use linux on your pda

got a PDA ?


do you use it for GPS ? or something else that is cool ?


do you run linux on it ?


tell us !





that would be a .. i dont own one :)


if i was to choose one.. itd have to have linux :P

hehe same here znx o_O

I have an HP IPAQ 3800 with the NavMan GPS unit. The thing is very nice and easy to use. The GPS is great for traveling.


I utilize my IPAQ for everything, including calendar and contacts. It replaced my franklin day planner. *WHOOT*


I store tons of information on it. It's absolutely great. However, I've been looking a new PDA. It is a Zaurus.


The Zaurus comes preloaded with linux, and has a 4gb hdd. This thing is absolutely tremendous. It's a fully functional linux distro, with perl, and everything. It makes a great development device.


My dad just got new navigator yesterday, it IPAQ (windows mobile Pro [second ediition]) don't remember the modle. but he using Tomtom, it pretty cool but have not test it yet! My dad going to use it today for traveling to Manchester to visiting my sister and brother in law to stay over for weekend as well as monday as it bank holiday.


I'll try out one day some time this week, as I'll be taking my girlfriend out some where nice place :) maybe Tyne mouth or so as i dunno the way for that LOL so i can borrow my dad's GPS to navigate me there ;)


I find GPS is useful and it guide you to find the right way as if you get lost, then it tells you where you are and guide you way out to get back on track.


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