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Are you gonna upgrade?
Are you gonna upgrade the board to v. 2.0.4 :)

yes of course !


when I get time :)





What features does v. 2.0.4 have?

it has this


Quote:In our ongoing effort to increase the security of Invision Power Board we havereleased several patches to Invision Power Board over the last couple weeks.

Some customers have reported not receiving notice of these updates. This message

will serve as a summary.


It is important that all customers of Invision Power Board have upgraded to

version 2.0.4 to ensure that their copy of the software has the latest security




Note: If you upgraded to 2.0.4 prior to May 10, 2005 please be sure to

re-download the 2.0.4 archive and reupload "sources/post.php" and

"sources/lib/usercp_functions.php" to maintain your forum's integrity.



We will continue to audit our software and provide patches for security issues

as they are found. It is our policy to release patches for even minor security

issues that may not impact any forums in a real-world scenario to ensure the

overall integrity of our software.


Please continue checking our company forums for development updates on the

upcoming Invision Power Board 2.1 software update coming soon. We are excited

about this update and the new features it will be able to offer our customers.



i'll upgrade WHEN i get the time, seriously i mean it, i got up early today and have been on the go all day, this is the first time i've sat infront of a pc and its now 9:14pm. It's hard to get time when you have three kids, a house to look after, lawns to cut, things to fix and of course, when the weather is fine and sunny as it is now in mid-May, i'd rather be outside in the garden than sitting inside infront of a pc :-)


ah, the nice warm feeling of slight sunburn on my back, i love it :)






ok upgrade is now done, forums are running 2.0.4





k, cool B)

haha lerum you making him work hard [img]<___base_url___>/uploads/emoticons/default_laugh.png[/img]


thanks anyweb


I was just suggesting it :)


I got an email from Invision about the new updates. It was his choice to upgrade. B)


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