Poll: Anyone interested in setting up a LDAP network
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Setup an OpenLDAP network

In the summer would anyone be interested in setting up a LDAP server over the

internet and link all the machine togther to create a LDAP network which could have.


We could mess with authentacation, setting up emails etc all that :)


We could document each stage and post it here on the message board for

people to learn form. It would be a cool little project.


Would anyone be interested??


how could this be useful to a linux-noob like me ?


cheers :)




Well everone that is taking part will have to be trusted and not mess about. The poeple that do

take part will have an idea on how to setup OpenLDAP and configure it for their personal use.


The people taking part will also be able to document what they have done and will be able to

post there document about their expeiance and how they setup certian parts of LDAP which can be posted on linux-noob.com.


Not to be negative (even though I voted no... o_O)


I would need to be confident that the trust would not be handed off into the hands of a stray.


It would be a little difficult to assure this what with the friend of a friend syndrome.


Not to say the building a LDAP network would be interesting, currently my work systems use ldap/ad to authenticate users to our system and web apps.


Great idea for a project but difficult in the execution of trusted members.


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