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knoppix 3.7


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this is a test TEXT encrypted file in windows xp


as you can see its GREEN in color (meaning encrypted) using Windows XP EFS

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ok knoppix displays the files but once i click on 'test.txt' the system goes into a freefall, and basically crashes with the cd spinning non stop and no keyboard/mouse responses.


so it looks to me that EFS in windows xp is actually working, however, i wonder why it is allowing you (the user) to view file names/creation dates/directories


interesting experiment none the less






actually it doesnt crash, just looks like it is crashing


if you wait for a few minutes the cd will stop spinning and that's when you know its 'back to life'


so here is my final screenshot on this matter


notice the attributes of the file and i could NOT open it in knoppix





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heres the tpm directory, note it was not encrypted with xp EFS but it could be easily.

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