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Java and firefox
I followed the instructions to install the java for firefox from here how to install the java plugin in firefox, instructions that worked for me : When I goto a website with java firefox just like closes out . thanks for the help [img]<___base_url___>/uploads/emoticons/default_rolleyes.gif[/img]

open a terminal


login as root in the terminal


su -


then type




browse the same site, does it still crash in firefox as root ? if not, there could be an issue with permissions


let us know





thanks for the reply. I just formated and reloaded my fc3, I was having alot of other issues. and I got the java installed. Thanks for the great site. B)
I have the same problem. After I did it worked good. Than today, it just crashes when it's going to load a java page. If I start firefox from command line(just as my regular user) it works, but not when I use a launcher it crashes.

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