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Need an ftp client

Looking for a ftp client to go with Suse 9.2 pro. Have tried the BearFTP thingy that comes with it, but it screwes up my start menu... :S Any suggestions? Need to have a graphical frontend. Have tried running FlashFXP (which is the favourite... ;) ) under wine, but it seems to hang and ends up useless.


tia, kryppe


try flash fxp version 2.1 or older


version 3 doesnt work in wine any more






thanks, will see if I can get hold of a version 2.1


got hold of version 2.1 seems more stable than v3, but its still very slow (I have the feeling that Suse itself is slower than windows o_O . It also has a tendency to hang / stall. Will try it out some more...


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