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dependancy hell

Computer - Dual 700, 5 SCSI HD Raid Array, Red Hat 9


Problem - Openldap-2.2.17 is currently installed. When this was installed, it broke 5 dependancies:


The following packages have unmet dependencies:

autofs: Depends:


gnupg: Depends:

libuser: Depends:


nss_ldap: Depends:


sendmail: Depends:



I get the above message when I try to install ANYTHING with rpm or apt. I've tried to manually add (linked to that I built manually from an old openldap which I did not install). Anyway, that didn't take.


So, I can't install anything with a package manager. I can't remove the new openldap because there are 33 packages with dependancies on the new libldap libraries including apache. It's hosting 5 live websites right now so it can't go offline.


Any ideas? I'm on the IRC channel as well if anyone can offer help.





is there a reason you are using 2.2? Redhat 9 ships with 2.0.x i believe. You will NEED to use this or you get into RPM hell.


Now you can remove that version of ldap like


rpm -e --nodeps openldap


Then you can use apt to install that real version. You can try to build a rpm for your system if you grab like the latest fedora core3 src.rpm file and re-build it.


Well, I came upon this system purely as troubleshooter. The previous system builder for some reason put (forced) openldap 2.2 on the system and no, I don't believe it is required unless he added some other package I'm not familiar with. That is entirely possible.


I do have the 2.0.27 version to install from the Fedora CD. If I use --nodeps with RPM and remove it, is it going to break the 33 packages currently listed as being dependant on it? HTTPd was among them and since the server and websites are live, I can't have them going down.


Thanks for the help!




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