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happy birthday

happy birthday to, it was one years old on December 11th


in the year that has past the following has happened here


Our members have made a total of 3705 posts

We have 641 registered members

Most users ever online was 693 on Nov 8 2004, 11:08 PM (that was when it was slashdotted)


apart from that, it is growing daily and I wish it continued success


tell your friends to sign up and join in on the growing linux revolution





Great to hear m8 although we didn't hit the 1000 mark this December lets hope for 2000 by next December 2005 :)

Happy Birthday Linux-noob!


I knew of this site from aroung las January but didn't register. When i got Linux i suddenly remembered it!


Unless a miracle happens i don't think we will reach 2000 :( but, 1000 is definitely a posibility :)


happy birthday to Linux-noob :) it cool that had been 1 year, but hope to bring more customer in 2005 - maybe 2,000 more user would be nice.


Keep advertise the site.


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