Poll: what is your favorite web browser
Internet Explorer
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what is your favorite web browser

please vote for your favorite web browser, and if you want to, tell us why it is your favorite


I must admit to loving FireFox the more I use it, but I also use Mozilla daily,


for those that are interested here is a list of browsers, some I have definetly not heard of








Well i like opera mainly because it has everything i need already and i use it in windows and linux. [img]<___base_url___>/uploads/emoticons/default_rolleyes.gif[/img]


My least favourite has to be Internet Explorer probebly for it's 17 ads that popup everytime you start it and it's 7 searchbars I don't want and can't remove [img]<___base_url___>/uploads/emoticons/default_mad.gif[/img][img]<___base_url___>/uploads/emoticons/default_ph34r.png[/img]


Quote:My least favourite has to be Internet Explorer probebly for it's 17 ads that popup everytime you start it and it's 7 searchbars I don't want and can't remove 






To be honest, I love lynx. but on my boxes that can run a gui, I run firefox.




will do :)


Safari for me. i like that browser coz it so fast and classic. i know it only for mac. but they should IMPORT for Linux and windows then it even more class!


Meaning time i use Linux and windows, only use Firefox :)

in a linux with gui its Firefox, if not, links2.. If I had my choice for any browser to be for all 3 platforms, I also think Safari is a nice browser, would be great to have it for more than Mac OSX.

I voted galeon. I'm in kde but use galeon... ha :) I like the bookmarkletts and the icon size (1.3.14) is great. newer versions suck.


on my work box, I have my homepage set to portal: and the address bar is BLANK which is unusual... but great because it's a royal pain to remove whatever is there without selecting it (and copying to the clipboard).


I also have mozilla on this box, (rh9+kde-redhat.org) which is configured without a proxy for visiting sites that get screwed up with proxies (like webmin, and webdevelopment sites).


also have firefox in ~/bin (eg a local install) with flash/mplayer/whatever installed so i can view pretty sites if i want to.


i don't think we could vote for wget... is that classed as a browser? I use it heaps anyway, as well as lynx.. but mostly just for downloading stuff ...





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Just saw the site...anyweb-kicks-ass.net. It makes me laugh! (The domain. The site is pure gold!)


By the way...could this site handle a slashdotting??


Quote:By the way...could this site handle a slashdotting??
it survived and it happened 

Quote:Most users ever online was 693 on Nov 8 2004, 11:08 PM

however i did have to take drastic measures (pull the network cable out for the night)


the site survived as you can see clearly right here on netcraft.com



reasons why i pulled the cable for those 7 hours:


far too many hits from slashdot

the computer was not powerful enough

not enough ram

slow hard disc

mysql was going to bring the server to it's knees (hard disc access was 100% and uptime revealed that the server load was totally going out of control all down to mysql... and lack of ram and cpu power.)


the site that was slashdotted was this one (linux-noob.com)


and it's hosted on a laptop (dell latitude L400) with 256mb ram, 20 gig hd, p3 677 mhz processor, 8mb down/800kb/s up line


which is of course, not enough when it comes to a slashdot


in addition







are all hosted on the same box (under my stairs)


so the fact that the site is still up after all that is good ! go fedora i say


it runs on fedora core release 1


and yeah it needs to be upgraded. i'll do that someday






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