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floppy install

I tried installing Slackware linux on my Toshiba Satellite Laptop and the install went will not boot even with the boot just spews what looks like assembly code over & over till I pull the plug....


I'm not sure if I did something wrong....but I have neither the funds nor the Hardware to put linux on this laptop any other way.....nor Can I afford to get something else....


help greatly apreciated in any way


where do you live ? maybe some member here could help you out by sending you fedora on dvd/cd






Quote:where do you live ? maybe some member here could help you out by sending you fedora on dvd/cd 



this laptop has no CD-ROM


Hi, maybe the problem is in your mbr... try doing this with a windows startup disk


a:\>fdisk /mbr


Then try booting from your Linux boot disk specifying the path to your "default" kernel

on your HD. (mine is located at /boot/vmlinuz-ide-2.4.26 on my hda11 partition).

After booting your system, try calling lilo again and everything sould work fine from there.





I highly recommend if you are really a linux noob that you stay away from Slackware for a while. It needs a lot of work in making files, compiling programs, and the like. I would recommend fedora instead, or mandrake. If you want to learn more about linux, and have a very stable distro, try out debian, but you will need to learn a little bit on the way. If you do decide to install debian, you will need to type tasksel or taskselect in the first command prompt and click on workstation and debian will install most of what you need. I recommend a net install if you know how to use ifconfig I would recommend staying away from suse. Try fedora, if you don't like it, mandrake, and if you want something a little more challenging, debian, which is a great distro.
if you want to install debian from cdroms i recommend downloading the first two test cd roms, currently the sarge version. Don' worry, the test versions aren't unstable.

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