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System freeze

Okay so I've been reading some of the other threads and I've reasonibly convinced myself this is a unique topic so feel free to link me an answer if that assesment is wrong but here goes.


I just freshly installed Fedora Core 2 onto my system, the install seems to have completed sucessfully, except now that it has rebooted I keep getting this screen and it does not progress past the end of it no matter how long I've sat there and waited it out thus far. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions? I appreciate you taking the time to review this question. :)



More or less the screen read out:


Welcome to Fedora Core

Press "I" to enter interactive startup


configuring kernel parameters: ok

setting clock (local time): ok

loading default keymap (us): ok

setting hostname localhost.localdomain: ok

initializing USB controller (ohci-hcd): ok

Mounting USB filesystem: ok


Your system appears to have shut down uncleanly

Press Y within 1 second to force file system integrity check...

checking root file system

/: clean, 147399/1240320 files, 727003/2480034 blocks


unmount: /initrd: device is busy

Remounting root filesystem in read-write mode: ok

Activating swap partitions: ok

Checking filesystems

/boot: recovering journal

/boot: clean, 30/26104 files. 9245/104388 blocks


Mounting local filesystems: ok

Enabling local filesystem quotas: ok

Enabling swap space: ok


what type of hardware do you have exactly, please be specific






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