Poll: will you install fedora core release 3
oh yes i can't wait to try it !
i'll try it a few weeks after it's out
i'll stick with my own distro
no way, not for me
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will you install Fedora Core Release 3

are you going to try fedora core release 3 when it's released (approx november 1st)


i'm still using fedora core release 2 on this laptop, and fedora core release 1 is hosting linux-noob.com, so i guess i will try it out, to see what has changed/advanced...


let me know what you think





You're damn skippy I will. On my test box first of course.

I've been using FC2 on my server since May 8 and it has been very stable,

but I know I want to upgrade to FC3 when it is out.


Hey all..


since my broadband connection is limmited to 1gb a month (cries) I'll install fc3 as soon as somebody gives me the cd's... otherwise i have to go for a big drive to somebody else' place to get em.



either way i'm interested in keeping up... when i started using fedora i didn't know we'd have to reinstall so often! lucky linux is so easy in this regard, tho compared to XP... well xp is getting better...


I must say though, that in the last few months the XP (re)installs i have done are for new systems that have been compromised by [insert worm here]!!!! not upgrading to the latest stuff at all.


and ok i am finished now. said my piece ;D




It's not that im uninterested in it, but running a game and a webserver has me a little nervous about upgrading. I'm still using fc1 and i'm worried something will happen that knocks me offline and i wont be able to bring it back up. Am i just being paranoid ?

You are not being paranoid at all. It is never a "good" idea to jump to the newest release on your server. I wouldn't update to core3 on any of my critical systems, until I had a chance to test it out on a system that I don't depend on.

</my two cents>


yeah, I always hate remote reboot/upgrades, seems like stuff always messes up



but I don't have very good luck ....


never! on servers at the data center, i'd used mainly redhat/fedora because they're very quick set up for that type of quick-paced environment where uptime and the time it takes to put customers' servers online (especially when you have to build them first) count most. everything's pretty much automatically set up these days from first boot.

i use slackware. i live it, i love it. i wouldn't ever change my personal server to another distro.


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