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system downtime...

sorry, but if any of you noticed, was unavailable for between 1 and 7 hours or so last night,


originally it was connected to a dlink di-701 hardware firewall (worked fine for a few years) but last nite i attempted to change a port setting on the firewall and my worst nightmare came true, the little firewall decided enough was enough and promptly had a hardware error.


No amount of power reboots could get rid of the RED led error light on the firewall, so in panic i quickly found an old computer, shoved a second network card in it and installed smoothwall express 2.0 final.


i configured it and finished the config this morning (i had to sleep...)


all appears to be more or less fine now, apologies for any downtime that you may have encountered, and lets hope that all is going to be smooth (pun intended) from now on.





u dirty bastardm how dare you put sleep before us!! j/k , glad ya got everything workin dood. :)

i,m so glad i got it sorted, and strangely enough the dlink di-701 started to work again after i telnetted in and zapped the firmware 3 times :)






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