Poll: which one should we use ?
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please VOTE now for ln advertisements !

please look at the three advertisements kindly created by member MelRay (thanks !)




from the three animations above, please VOTE which one you think we should use ( i am about to advertise this site on osnews.com






I really like problem.gif..... are YOU a linux noob ?? :)


great job with the graphics :)

btw, blue/steal blue is my favorite color =)


Hehe. I like the problem.gif as well.

The phone actually made me laugh :)

These are all real solid animations and way better than anything i could do at present. The colors and the style on all three are real good. My choice was V and heres why. Im not to crazy about the whole questioning format. personally i find it a little to "as seen on tv" ish for me. V and click were more statement based. They gave us the facts right off the bat, clear and simple. I didnt like the giant click thing though so that got rid of that one. V was cool and even though it ended in a question, overall it was more statement based. nice job dood.
can we make a hot-line to ? :)

Id go with the problem add, it has a very clear message and is precise and to the point. If it was I, I would be most likely to click that add of the three, and also I like the fonts used in that add best :P




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