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fedora core 2 installed!

hi, i've just installed fedora core 2 on my clean system wanting to know more about linux... and i've got quite a lot of questions so if anyone couldanswer some of them that would be real nice :)

1.i guess that the drivers installed by default for my system aren't the most up to date, is there a way to check every drivers' version, like a Hardware manager on windows ? and is there a how to for driver installation ?

2. could anyone please explain to me the way linux filesystem works ? i see a lot of directories but none make sense to me, bin, usr, bin inside user, boot, dev etc.... anyway to easily explain it ?

3. there's a flashing red ball in the tray, it looks like it's an up2date program that patches my packages, but it crashes, anyway to do this manually ?

4. what are the most common used programs and commands, is there list of commands for the terminal ?

5. i heard about kernel recompiling, what is it about ?

if any of these questions are answered else where, bare with me please :]

thanks in advance to those who answer some of the questions



i found out about this fresh install fedora guide for novice, that clears out some of the questions :)

there is still filesystem question, what are each directory supposed to be ? bin, usr etc ... ?

1.+3. You may look at yum ('man yum'), the default Fedora update manager. In order to command an update you run 'yum update'. You should specify faster sources though in '/etc/yum.conf' because the default mirrors are kinda slow.


2. Have a look at: [/url][url=]


4. We have a small table of Windows/Linux equivalents at, check it out.


5. The kernel is the core of your linux system, also Windows has a kernel. The Fedora default kernel should suit most things though if ya wanna minimize the size of the kernel or disable stuff you don't need you can rebuild the kernel. Not the easiest thing for noobs though.



thanks for the help, will try out this yum thing right away

If you would like to know more about the Linux filesystem go here.


It describes folders like /etc and /bin and tells you what you can expect to find in them.


Very useful document.

Here : Linux Filesystem Guide

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