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trying to set up an ftp account

i can start vftpd but i have no idea how to set up an account.

i want to beable to make sepprate accounts with sepprate web dirs with new users for each.


I don't know which ftpd you're actually talking about as I prefer ProFTPD but I guess you have to try your system users login. If you only want to give specific users ftp access and NOT shell access just set the user's shell to /sbin/nologin (instead of /bin/sh or whatever shell you're using, see 'man usermod' and 'man useradd' if you don't know how to do that).




personally i use EFTP. Really easy to setup accounts and all. hope this helps.


edit : oops sorry didn't realise this was linux ftp >_<

anyway that's a windows FTP prog


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