Poll: which IRC channel do you get help from most on EFNET?
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which IRC channel do you get help from most ?
heh vote!
I spend a lot of time helping in several of the channels listed, but when I need help I usually get it from #solaris or #regex as those are the things I sometimes need help with.
I have to admit between #fedora and #linux-noob I have recieved more help then i thought would be possible...

i still consider myself a noob but i'm learning more about linux day by day


i must confess that for me #redhat really has helped me learn a lot over the last year or two


i voted for #linux-noob because I am obviously biased, but i hope that it to will grow over time and that one day i can help/insire a noob to get better at linux






Well i must say #fedora has helped me alot, some nice people there.


I've tryed FreeBSD, Mandrake, Redhat, Debian, Suse, and Gentoo.. and their "#distro-name" channels and generally people are not very helpful and just get pissed off..


Also this forum has helped me some, and our friend google ofcourse :)


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