Poll: how often do you use linux ?
all the time
a few times a week
once a month
just installed it !
never - i use windows
never - i use a mac
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how often do you use linux ?

how often do you use linux ?


for me, it's every single day,


i really really do like linux now, in particular Fedora :)





i use XP on my laptop, and RH9 on my desktop. i use linux for my mail, web, and shells, etc. and my laptop so i can be a lazy bum and irc from the couch :)

At home, I use:

WinXP on my laptop, WinXP on my desktop, Linux RH9 on my fileserver


At work, I use:

Win2k for fileservers, Win2k/XP for desktops, Linux for web/mail/firewall/proxy/printserver/router/bridge, Linux for personal desktops


I could use linux more at home and work but since I'm still a noobler, I have windows to wean me through until I'm more knowledgeable. I hope you understand.

Every day all day. I use no windows pc's at home or at work. The only other OS I do use is solaris.

i use linux constantly, it on my home computer. at work it's winxp but i only use it to login to my home computer and then i work from there. It's been the best thing for my comp ever.



I am a Linux noob. 3 computers with Windows and Windows at work and now 1 Linux box. It appears to be a lot easier than it was about 6 years ago when I tried it the first time. Not going to leave Windows but I am going to use Linux more often as I learn it.



I am somewhat new to the Linux scene, but I figure the best way to learn it is to just use it 24/7. So I have Slackware installed on a Toshiba laptop (which I use for my day-to-day activities), p4 2.26GHz, and I also have Slackware running on a 533 that is acting as my firewall.

my desktop machine is fedora core 1

my laptop is a mac running os x (freebsd)

my gameserver is fedora core 1

got sasser on my Xp, so i reformatted linux. i'll be using it as my single home-based thing from here on out

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