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server backup

hi all, well the last few days have been interesting for me, the backup server for this site was running win2k3 180 time limited and it expired ! so, rather than reinstall i decided to learn some more linux and installed fedora on the backup server,


then with a lot of help from the following people i got the site up and running as a backup server, still needs tweaking but its there and working,


now that i have a fedora server working i am going to (when i get time) revamp the content and re-organise the content of my site, there's alot more there than forums, 9875 files in all and 1.9 gig of data which is quite a chunk. Once done i'll mirror the site on both machines...


I want to say thanks for helping me with setting up apache/mysql/php from scratch to:-


[strabo] for his good howto for compiling mysql/apache/php


you can read it here


Jy (hijinks) for his help with MySQL


z0ny for his help with importing/exporting SQL databases


Michael for his help with IPB/MySQL


Square for his donations to [/url][url=]






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