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Three Questions from a Noob

I was wondering 3 things,


1. I am using an Alcatel speedtouch usb Adsl modem, this machine, the one running linux and windows, i want to be a gateway for the other machine in this house (Winxp), now, i was wondering if anyone could help in maybe telling me where i could get the drivers, or how to install them, or how to configure anything related, i am with Internode (Isp).


2. - Answered this silly easy mount question by myself :)


3. How would i go about getting this machine in its linux state able to access the other machine, (Winxp) over the LAN. for sharing of files/internet/etc.



Thanks in Advance, and if you could state which question your answering when/if you do it would be muchly appreciated, note: i have never in my life used linux or unix or anything but windows before, so keep in mind that i wont know alot/any commands, so dont expect me to know what to do in some parts, once again, thanks in advance and sorry to be... umm... so noobish etc.


-- Dechande


try roaring penguin !




that might help


as for sharing internet read the nat how-to


to share the internet and use samba to share files





hi.. how did u install that alcatel speed touch USB modem ? my isp uses PPPoA [img]<___base_url___>/uploads/emoticons/default_ph34r.png[/img] i got fc3 and i cant use that modem from my box.. thanks
hello !! anyone ?! alcatel speedtouch sucks cant run that on fedora but it works perfectly on mdk :(

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