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Transplant Ish

Sup Guys,

I just took the harddrive an netcard from my old box and put it into a 1ghz hp box. it the only

harddrive and it went smoothly sorta. For some reason my comp wont shutdown from a gui side. when i logout it brings me to the login screen when i click shutdown it trys and come back to the same screen.

thoughts? ideas? have i givin enough info ? any help would be greatly appreciated.

have fun,


My harddrive used to not be able to shut down from gui. I would have to go to lengths to get it to shut down peacefully, but when it went through the text-displaying process, it gave a couple kernel errors about inability to flush idde devices... or something. I solved it by auctually screwing the drive in place securely, and it hasn't acted up since. It might or might not help for you, but it's worth a check.
i wish it was that simple, unfortunatly though i have no way to verify it, i think maybe x or kde got messed up, alot of things arent working now, like the hardware browser, and synaptic. plus the cdr drive seems to work but alas no sound now. i seem to have done a serious number on it.

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