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Option to be enabled in xconfig of Redhat 9.0

Hi Friends,

My system consist of following peripherals along with Operating sytem as LInux Redhat 9(shrike)kernel version 2.4.20-8 i686.wiith dual booting (1st partition with Win ME and 2nd Partiion with Redhat 9)

1>HSF conexant Internal Modem

2>Inbuilt AC-97 sound card with Motherboard - ASUS-P4B and Processor P-4(intel 1.5GB).

3>AGP card Ge Force -2 MX 100

4>Pixel View Play TV Pro tv-tuner card (bttv878)


For viewing the TV on LInux . I have already downloaded bttv driver bttv-0.9.12.tar.gz.Now for viewing TV through Xawtv-3.8.1 ,i will have to recompile my kernel with the video for linux as option 'module'.

Kindly suggest me about the other configuration option to be enabled in each section so that i may recomplile the kernel without any error message at boot time.




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