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file sharing

I have set up my network connections in red hat. I am able to ping in both directions.


I can not seem to login from w2k box and get needed file on red hat box.


My w2k box is set up as a work group. I believe i my not have the host(s) set up correctly on the red hat 9 box. My red hat book offers little help.







you can use windows login account.


like windows's username is foo, password is bar.


on Linux machine, use this: smb:// once the password prompted use the windows' login User: foo, Pass: bar then you'll see the contents .


i thinks other way to do it is possible: smb://foo@ or smb://foo:bar@ that might do.


Please note. Windows' secuity is very strange there. so you need to add "user" in permission under the share folder. if you use "Everyone" it didn't get into it properly and also, check with your Firewall and you may need to add Trust IP just for local network.


I hope this help you.




Thanks! i was able to get from the red hat linux box to the share on the w2k box.


But I am still unble to get to the folder/file from the w2k box to the red hat linux box.


I ca not seem to figure out how to grant access for the w2k box on the linux biox







no problem mate :)i'm gald to help ya. if you have other question, Feel free to ask :)


P.S windows is lame. coz sometimg it won't read folder/file. so it better for you to use windows to connect on Linux which is fully grant access.


Hey mate,


I was able to get my linux box to connect to a share on my win2k box. However; i can not seem to get the win2k box to gain access to any part of my red hat linux box.


What am I doing wrong ?




sneaker :(


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