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Hi Craig here

Hi alll,

this is the second version of linux I have installed (previously mandrake, this time Red Hat 9). The reason I did away with my last install was because I could not get my Winmodem working. Now I have the (dreaded) BT Voyager ADSL USB modem and things don't seem to have changed. (oh by the way I'm doing all of this in windows XP).....

I have the relevant details of how to get the said modem working in Linux however do not have the knowledge to put all the details together. I hope this forum can enlighten a novice and at the moment unimpressed user.


I will not let this beat me though so all your help will not go unappreciated.


Thanks to you all in advance.


welcome craig i hope you enjoy your stay :)


and good luck with Linux, its great really :)






Hi Craig,


Did you manage to find any resources to get your Voyager working?


I'm just about to attempt the same task.....and what I've found out so far isn't very encouraging.






Welcome on abord mate. hope this will siolve the prob for you. Freel free to ask for help and let take a time for us to replay you :)


once again.. Welcome :)


cheers Venom/arakis. I'm slowly getting there.


For Arakis.....


take a look at this thread The trouble with Voyager


and download the file mentioned in the link. It still hasnt worked for me however I have now got 2 lights on the voyager working.


cheers again.


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