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Hey, all. Im Steve

Greetings, everyone.


Real name: Steve.

I installed Redhat 9.0 on a new hard drive because I needed more space, and immediately after that, my old xp hard drive caught a virus. I've been working out of a help book, but it cant explain things like how to play mpegs and why my cd drives give a busy signal and wont eject. A quick glance over this forum, and it seems like I've hit my mark. I'm looking forward to learning through the community and in time giving back in advice to others.


Welcome aboard :)Enjoy your stay.


Advice about get rid of virus - Re-Format the C:/ and reinstall windows XP is the best way to get rid of virus.


reason i like Linux more, because it harder to get infects and less tragets. Can't install unless you login as a root. "eXtremely Secure". once you get used to it with Linux, you'll love it.

Heh, yeah, I remember reformatting regularly when using Windows M.e. Trouble though is I dont have access to the bootleg disk I used before, so I have to download it and burn it. It might take a couple days, but a humorous perspective on this whole thing keeps me from destroying my computer and asking for another. :)
hehehe [img]<___base_url___>/uploads/emoticons/default_laugh.png[/img]
Welcome to the forums, we have a lot of talent here to assist everyone. I hope you stay awhile and invite any other users you know.

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