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Linux distro selection...

Hi ya'll... first and foremost I really enjoy this site. Most of the members here are very helpful and "kind". I want to give a shout to AnyWeb for providing this for the masses. With the ass kissing aside, I would like to ask you guys this:


I have a small home network with a win98(laser printer), XP(workstation), MacOS X(workstation), and ClarkConnect Linux server(apache, ftp, mysql, etc). I am having issues with file sharing with my MacOS box and windows and I can't see my linux shares at all from X.


I would like to know if there is a better distro of linux I can use that can serve all of the machines on the network like a winadvserver running Active Directory. I want all of my computers to live in a happy file sharing environment without the usage of windows as the primary domain controller.


The budget is null and the machine I would like to install the Linux distro is a 400celeron, 256mb sdram, about 40gigs hdd. I would really like a Active Directory replacement for my network. Distro and package suggestions are very welcome.




redhat 9 running samba


or fedora running samba


try it :)


Quote:redhat 9 running samba 

or fedora running samba

What about Debain? I hate to install RedHat 9 and not get another update. I thought they have stopped updating 9?

Not until april 30th. You should try out fedora, as its the continuing branch of community redhat releases.

I think somebody here told me not to use Fedora as a SERVER.... I didn't understand the logic in it.


Any reasons why I shouldn't use it as a server?


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