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ifconfig command in RH9??

Hi all,


Been a while since I have played around with Linux, but was sure that the ifconfig was equivelant to the windows ipconfig command?

Running the following command in both my RH9 boxes :


ifconfig eth0


Returns :

bash: ifconfig: command not found


I must be missing soemthing simple surely!




you have to be root in order to run that command with no path. If you are root and sued to root make sure you use


su -


make sure you use the dash. If you want to run that command as a user run it like this


/sbin/ifconfig -a


Cheers for that, worked a treat!

Excuse my 'Windows' ways, but in dos you can set the path, is the same possible with Linux?? Is it possible to edit a conf file or something to input the location of commonly used commands for quick access??



yes you can add to the PATH var in /etc/profile
You can also set the path locally in your shell profile file. If your using bash { echo $SHELL to find out } then it will be ~/.bash_profile. Or set it manually from command line PATH=$PATH:/new/path but doing this is only temporary.

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