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Installing NIC Card Driver

I'm trying to get a 3Com Gigabot LOM (hardware name lol, funny name) on my Asus K8V Deluxe using Fedora Core 1. I pulled down the driver from the Asus site, the correct one that says "Linux" hehe lol.


I followed the instructions which were getting the tar.gz out into a folder and then I did


root@localhost: make load


it went through huge list of doing stuff and then it asked me to to do an insmod 3c2000.o of which I did and the module already exists. And I doooont know what to do next because I cant see the device in the internet configuration lol


even did an ifconfig eth0 up


still no not access.


Any help would be greatly appreciated...


Thanks :-)

do you see the device in a lspci? also do you see the module in lsmod. I'm pretty sure that card is supported right out of the box
lspci? lsmod? Sorry, experienced windows user = linux noob lol

Heya, I'm now inside Fedora. I found a different driver hanging around on the net, comes in a folder named 41-Linux, I used one saying 46 Linux. So I followed the instructions as I was supposed to and i went back to my internet configuration box. Weh Hey, I saw it in the hardware section so I struggled a little but i got off my butt and went to add new connection and funnily enough the driver was there and waiting.


Thanks for the help though, cuz If i didnt search for LSPCI in the help section i'd have been stuck, opened up a console and LSPCI and i read the description for my Ethernet card and hey presto :-)


Fedora's pretty, got this annoying thing about about when your typing you hit caps type your letter at the start of a sentence and hit the caps lock again to do the next work and it leaves it in a caps like this. JUst like this lol


Fedora's pretty :-)


I'm abit less scared of the console now lol!!!! I was horrified of it the first time i started redhat 9 lol!!!!


ackies, a problem has struck. Before I got my NIC installed I had my sound card (Audigy 2Z) running fine. Since i've installed my NIC it doesn't work lol!!!!! Checked all connections so I'm thinking I might have to get the latest drivers for it for linux and maybe that'll work.... am hoping lol




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