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HOW TO export display over ssh in fedora

howto (by [strabo]


this is a wee chat we had on IRC, come join us in #fedora on EFNET






<[strabo]> ok my linux box is (fedora core 1)

<anyweb> k

<[strabo]> on that box i typed> export DISPLAY=

<[strabo]> my other x server (windows 2k3 with exceed) is

<[strabo]> on the linux box I then typed> xterm -display

<anyweb> keep going

<anyweb> is that it ?

<[strabo]> and a xterm popped up, I then typed > gnome-session start

<[strabo]> and boom gui

<[strabo]> if you run kde its> startkde

<[strabo]> yeap

<[strabo]> very easy but finding that on google is not :)

<anyweb> wheres the ssh bit ?

<[strabo]> oh I ssh into my linux box with putty

<[strabo]> and ran those commands over it :)

<[strabo]> forgot to mention that


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