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i want to add a distros section

vote now, and add your suggestions also :)





I would like to see what gentoo looks like. i already know what FreeBSD, Redhat and Fedora like. others, never seen it :)
id love to see gentoo at work too. i think i have decided which distro to put on my new (older) box, and it will be gentoo. I want to learn as much as I can and i have heard gentoo is good for that. i may be wrong, but thats what fdisk is for. ;)

im waiting for someone to post lots of gentoo screenshots




oh and lindows too !


anybody got the latest lindows ?

consider it done, anyweb. prolly by friday, saturday at the latest. iv got lots of work to do... o_O

I like to keep redhat's topic running because it more prioty for user who uses them.


other kinds sound more complicate with newbie people.


I like Fedora most - but i won't be bother to format install and play with different distro. I'm sticking with Fedora :)


i want to trianing with Linux - Fedora/Redhat for perpose use for my business in the future. i need to know alot about it. coz i'm sick of lameing windows.


I would like to see some screenshots of other distro :)


I ran gentoo for months when one of the first releases was out. I loved it.


Ran very fast and slick. I have been thinking about going back, but now that I know RH better, I'm reluctant. :) Gentoo is good.


If anyone wants any Gentoo backgrounds, I have quite a few from when I was running it. I edited quite a few to my likings.


Let me know!


I am taking a break from installing gentoo. didnt get the new (older) 500mhz box i wanted quite yet. its on its way tho. the gentoo install is very complicated. I am lucky I got this far. I just compiled the kernel and added a syslog. I am currently installing a cron. I have learned much from doing this install and hope to continue using gentoo as well as red hat every other bootup just to get a feel for both. oh and BTW, i took pictures of the installation screen. its not GUI. its totally console based. very complicated... well I guess this would be as good a time as any to learn how to use the console!



When I first started learning linux I used Debian and Gentoo. The install of Gentoo is very complicated for new linux users. I don't recommend anyone who is starting out to do this. As they might become frustrated and resort back to windows. However, if you are doing it to learn, do it. Much to be desired and learned while installing gentoo.


I agree gentoo is very good!


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