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hi all~

hello everybody~ though i don't really use linux, i do administer a site and forum wif windows iis.


saw anyweb's message at my webbie askin me to join... well here i am :)

seems that this forum isn't purely linux, so i could participate a little.


btw happy new year everyone!




hello ongky, welcome aboard :)


Nice to see you join here.


Happy new year to you too


Welcome ongky. I'm more on a windows administrator myself. Actually I just took a job as part of a "Maintenance Server Team" for a primarily Windows environment. Actually, I love to hate both OS's but Linux has given me some aspiration with different things. However, windows as given me a job and a rather good one. :) Love em both!


Welcome aboard, and I'd love to see some of the windows areas grow around here. Anyway! Happy New Years B)

welcome to the dark side.

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