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Hi. Jim here



I installed redhat 6.x back in the late nineties.... never got around to usin it much more than a couple months. just recently installed 9. set up a dualboot... nev er use xp any more.


I guess you could call me a noob who is aspiring to become an IT professional. heh. lots of work to go into that i guess.


I take enjoyment in IRC, cigars (opus X by fuente) and, well, compuiters...

welcome, glad to have you as a member.

thanks for the welcome.


I go by inav on efnet


hello there, nice to meet you and welcome aboard :)


i go by vemon :)


welcome Jim


glad to have you as part of the community, i hope you stay long and learn lots :)


and bring some friends too ;)






thanks for the welcomes, vemon, anyweb.


I really don't know anyone who uses linux except on IRC, and they're not noobs. Hopefully I'll meet someone in person who doesnt know that much. Most people I know don't even know what linux is, or that its a free OS...


Welcome to Linux-Noob... I'm sure you'll meet several people here who love linux and are still noob's. I would consider myself a noob. I've only been using linux for about a year now. But, I'm still a noob.


Anyway, good to see that you are switching from win to lin. That's great. More people like you would do this world better. :)


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