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another new moderator added

hi all,


please congratulate and support digerati on becoming a Moderator of


well done digerati, keep up the good work and get lots of new members

and continue to post good info,


I still need your help to redesign the logo, I can't figure it out so cmon and give me a hint ;)







congratulate digerati :)


good work :)


Thanks anyweb. I am sorry that I have been lax over the holidays at posting. I have been busy working on a win2k custom cd thats totally automated..


I will post all that info soon.

Here is a link with screenshots about the cd and a txt file with more info.




Anyweb.. about the logo. I am not sure I understand your request. Do you want me to make more or just need help putting one of the ones I made in the proper place.


If its the latter I would look in /style_images/1/logo4.gif and rename logo4.gif to logo4.bak and copy whichever logo you liked into that directory with the name of logo4.gif and all should work flawless and instant.


Excellent good job Digerati! Glad to welcome you to the *blows on fingers rubs on shirt* status of the higher up. o_O


Anyway, welcome, good to see anothe mod added. I've been a little away from the forums as I used to do them at work all the time, however... My new job permits me to log on for about 2 seconds. So I don't get a whole lot done. Anyway, congrats!!!


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