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My name is shaun. I go by grep420 on efnet. You can usually find me in #redhat. I am a solaris/linux systems administrator for earthlink. I am part of the field systems admin team, this means I get to do a good bit of travel and I also help maintain the dallas development data center. We currently have a little over 500 systems for development and testing of new software for customers both internal and external. I am also the lead sysadmin for the mail disaster recovery project, I maintain a production mail farm capable of handling approximately 5 million mailboxes. We are primarily a solaris shop, but we have a growing redhat farm as well.

I also play bass guitar and enjoy snowboarding and riding my motorcycle (zx600r ninja). Check out my website [/url][url=] for more info and a pic of myself.

Nice to meet you grep420 :)

welcome grepster mate, hope you stick around dude !!!


cheers your friend anyweb


Hello and Welcome Grep420. Your Post is most impressive as is your personal site.


I feel Like I need to edit my post now :)


Welcome to the board! :) You definately got some skills


seeya around B)

word. get me a job!

Grep420 welcome aboard. Glad to have you join.


If I might say anything about Grep420, he definately knows his stuff. He has helped me a great deal over months in everything.


Hijinks is very good too, and anyweb, and P38, awol... heck just go to #redhat


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