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Samba/Active Directory/Rdesktop

If anyone has any ideas on how I should go about doing this, I can certainly use the help.


My current place of employment has about 5 Pentium 166 computers. I figure if I run any OS on these machines it's going to run slow.


With my passion and love for Linux, I have decided that I might turn all 5 machines into client PC's running [/b]RDesktop (Linux Terminal Services Client). I'm not exactly sure the best method for going about this, but I do believe that this is how I'm going to initially try to set it up.


5 Machines running Linux Redhat 9. Just the main packages installed, and the packages to allow the aid of X.


Option (1)

What I would like to do, is install Samba on each of the 5 machines, allow them to authenticiate from a MS Windows 2003 Active Directory Server. They get a login prompt and then they login.


Option (2)

Install samba on the machines, have an auto login to where it automatically logs onto the system, and starts rdesktop. User sees nothing other than the "Windows TS logon"


I would like to hear any other suggestions. One of the first problems that I have ran into is:


1. Can not install from CDrom. CDrom's do not support "burned" images.

2. Not familiar enough with NFS installs

3. Network install always crashes when installing packages


So, I believe I have exhausted my installation methods that I can think of. Unless there is another no-so-terribly-time-consuming way. :)



I like this one. I want to see this one take off. I think we should start a projects area now.

Quote:I think we should start a projects area now.

Added to the suggestions, Just added so Anyweb can add the "Projects" page. o_O


Great project idea/problem. I'll brainstorm on it ...

one quick came to my mind was setting up a Linux Terminal Server for the 5 machines.



Well it has to work with Windows Terminal Services for my application side. Basically they are going to become dumb terminals.

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