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My name is Kelvin, nick name are Venom Spyder, on efnet i use Vemon coz some one use venom. i'm 23 years old and live in England - North East. I'm currently run my own company as a web designing.


if you are too keen to know more about me, don't hastiest to ask.

whaddup and welcome B)
not much and thanks for welcoming :)
Welcome to "Linux-noob" great community so far.
Cheers m8s

Just want to post a quick notice..


me, vemon on efnet.

when i use other PC like on Linux i'll be V-linux. if i using my g/f laptop i'll be V-laptop.


so once, i dump lame windows, then i will inform you that i will be using vemon not V-linux.


Updated about me: I already Dump windows :) so i'm using Vemon as a default nick. I'm now age of 24. still self employment and it going alright.


that all for now.


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