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Windows ScreenShot 1
[Image: screenshot.gif]
I see ypi have dual monitor!! i got dual monitor it damn cool!

Not just dual monitor, DUAL 15" LCD's



That is definately badass B)B)


i'll stick to my good ol' 14 inch monitor :)

ahh. i got one 18.1 TFT LCD connected on DVI. and one 17" CRT monitor connect on RGB. it runs sweet

sweet, you feel like hooking me up with some dual monitors for christmas haha B)


For people interested in dual monitor hookup, check this link out:





Oops hehe. if you want that. save up. i really want to have other LCD and forget about CRT coz it too big. LCD small and i can have more space on my desktop
Thanks for the offer, I will keep that in mind B)
Dual monitors is definately the way to go. I love them. So much more space on the screen. I hate small screens. :)

Quote:That is definately badass B)B) 

i'll stick to my good ol' 14 inch monitor :)


i have twin 32inch moniters :P


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